Gujarat Earth Quake

One of the worst earthquakes in the history of our country took place in Gujarat on the 26th Jan 2001, practically destroying number of villages in Kutch, Rajkot, Jamnagar, Surendranagar and Ahmedabad districts. More than 75,000 people are feared to have died and few thousands are buried under the debris of the collapsed buildings. Even more are feared to have been rendered homeless.
The devastating tremors which wrecked the lives of millions of people continue to shake the hopes and thoughts as well. The death toll is immense and systems have failed.The towns and villages present a sorry state of affairs. Rubble of fallen houses, choked wells and ponds, making them useless.Now is the time to join hands and extend the best possible support for the affected people. Efforts are required to make the people's minds normal. Contribute generously.
For the cause of our deprived brethren, with whom we the Indian Americans still share the common roots. Let us lit their lives. The council welcomes donations from individuals as well as institutions from USA and India.