People Behind
It was the early days of 1990's. The desire to form this forum was strong in the minds of the founders. A cluster of visionaries have foreseen the need to protect the interests of the Indian American community and that of their native nation. They saw a need to promote a core group to educate and enlighten the policy makers of the United States. The individuals saw the need to form a institution to create awareness and endeavor to promote a cordial dialogue between the two largest democracies of the world. They saw the need to form a body education events for their support. A body to fund the congressional representatives, senators and politicians education eventsing for Indian interests.
Their ideas took the shape of Indian American Friendship Council in January 1990. The first governing body was formed with Dr Krishna Reddy as the founder-president and Jeevan Zutshi as vice president of the council respectively.Dr Krishna Reddy, the Californian dentist who founded the Indian American friendship council and serves as its president is a role model for effective political involvement and for his work to improve relations between India and the United states.The successes of the council can be directly attributable to his energies. He deserves the great credit for arranging the conferences, seminars, symposiums, Dialogue and gatherings apart from securing the speakers.For his tireless and unselfish efforts for strengthening Indian American relations Dr Krishna Reddy was honored by the government of India. The government of India organized a spectacular event at Vignan Bhavan, New Delhi in honor of his outstanding and valuable services to the Indian American community. Indian President K R Narayanan has given away the prestigious National award to Dr Krishna Reddy. On the eve of his honor Dr Krishna Reddy received letters of congratulations from various leaders of India and the United states.