Kashmir Terrorism

Gandhi Peace Center adopts children from Kashmiri refugee camps.Innocent children are the victims of terrorism in the state of Kashmir. They are the Indian-born children who have become refugees in their own motherland because of secular democracy. These kids are subjected to severe natural conditions of cold and heat where many are subjected to death. These children don't know where they belong. They feel lost. The living conditions are unhygienic and congested. They need more medical and health supplies.Gandhi peace center, a Californian-based pro-Indian organization dedicated for the cause of humanity and nationalistic approach once again goes to the rescue of refugees from Kashmir. The Peace Center has done many programs to support the refugee camps. The peace center cares for the security of Indians and American Indians. We need more support from Kashmiri organizations.Dr Krishna Reddy, chairman of the Gandhi Peace Center, visited Jammu refugee camps in January 1996. He was accompanied by Jeevan Zutshi. Vice President ofIndian American Friendship Council. In a bid to save children the chairman has adopted 50 children. Many US congressional men and international organizations have condemned the terrorism activities. Now it is the time for the Indian community in America to rise to the occasion and support and help India.