Congressman Ed Royce Supports Indian American Issues

October 4, 1997 Artesia, CA Rajdoot Restaurant

Indian Americans gathered at Rajdoot restaurant to pay tribute to Ramesh Gandhis Memorial Day. Earlier Indian American Friendship Council Advisor Mr.Sudip Garakshakar praised Indian American Friendship Council activities. He also appraised the community for being very active in Indian American Friendship Council. Mr.Ajoy Dube current vice-president of F.I.A. remembered Ramesh Gandhi for his remarkable contribution to this society.

Dr.K.Reddy introduced Sally Morales. Assembly woman from California, Mrs.Morales made special remarks about Ramesh Gandhis contribution to build Indian American relations. She said it is very appropriate that Indian American Friendship council honored Ramesh Gandhis Indian American contribution. She also recognized Ramesh Gandhis help in political and social issues. She also made a special remark for his help, love and friendship between two countries.

Mr.Mohinder Singh, the keynote speaker, recognized Indian American Friendship Council for the frie3ndly and cordial respect to Ramesh Gandhi, whose memory still remains. He respected Ramesh for his respect to all religions. Mr.Singh highly appreciated Indian American Friendship Council for its outstanding contributions to build Indian American relations.

Many community leaders and elected officials paid respect to Ramesh Gandhi for his outstanding services to the society. Earlier Ms.Grace Woo, former Mayor of Cerritos, Dr.Tim Kellaman, Mayor of Ariesra, Babu Ghandhi, Mr.Mahadevan, Dr.Mano Rama Sharma, Dr.Viswas Reddy, Mike Mallappa, Mohan Dadlani, Dr.Mishra, Dr.Asha Knott, Dr.Mishal and various other leaders paid respects to Ramesh.

Dr.Krishna Reddy, President of Indian American Friendship Council praised Indian Americans for their economic power as 4th largest economic Indian American group in U.S.A. He urged Indian Americans to reach out and help to build Indian American relations. He quickly recognized 1.4 million Indian Americans for all their support to defeat Dan Burtons resolution. He also thanked Congress members for supporting Indian issues.

Congressman Ed Royce made some observations. He talked about great victory after defeating Burton’s Amendment. He also recognized 50th year of India’s Independence. He praised India’s tenfold increase in exports from U.S. the world’s largest trading partner with India. Congressman also condemned any U.S. support to China’s Communist regime. He also said he would rather build closer relations with India and made special commitment to build greater relations between India and U.S.A.


President, Indian American Friendship Council