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Indian American Friendship Council Honors Congressman Richard Gephardt

Many Community leaders gathered at Gaylord Restaurant in Beverly Hills, CA to honor Congressman Richard Gephardt.

Earlier in the introduction Mr.Natadur Vardan, Advisor of Indian American Friendship Council, briefed the key role played by Indian American Friendship Council in U.S.political arena. He very well praised Indian American Friendship Council for it’s outstanding contributions. He appraised success of the recent Washington conference hosted by Indian American Friendship Council wing in Washington D.C.

Many Community leaders like Dr.Mohan Roy, IAFC foreign relations advisor, praised the star Richard Gephardt. Later Dr.Arju dalvoy, advisor IAFC, also spoke about problems related to medical field.

Dr.Krishna Reddy, President IAFC praised chief guest Honorable Congressman Richard Gephardt for his outstanding leadership in United States and he valued the chief guest for his understanding to bring closer the two great democracies in the world India and U.S. Dr.Reddy did not fail to recognize Mr.gephardt’s contribution to support India in trade and security issues. Dr.Reddy did not fail to urge the community to support Mr.Richard Gephardt who is a great friend of Indian American Community.

Congressman Gephardt in his speech praised recent P.B.S. documentary on India and he Appreciated Indian Republic for achieving greater strength democratically in such a short period. Mr.Gephardt ensured to establish greater relation with India, and he emphasized the need to protect democratic Institutions. Mr.Gephardt didn’t fail to condemn Human Rights abuse in china. He gracefully pointed greater advantages with India to establish bilateral trade. He definitely loves India and Indian Americans.

Mr.Gephardt was very fair to establish visa and related problems with software industry, he praised the efforts of Bill gates network in India and he hoped to support issues related to industries to achieve greater job opportunities. He was kind enough to answer questions by various community leaders.

He appreciated Indian American Friendship Council for it’s commitment to enrich bilateral ties between Indian and U.S.A.


Congressman Ed Royce Supports Indian American Issues

October 4, 1997 Artesia, CA Rajdoot Restaurant

Indian Americans gathered at Rajdoot restaurant to pay tribute to Ramesh Gandhis Memorial Day. Earlier Indian American Friendship Council Advisor Mr.Sudip Garakshakar praised Indian American Friendship Council activities. He also appraised the community for being very active in Indian American Friendship Council. Mr.Ajoy Dube current vice-president of F.I.A. remembered Ramesh Gandhi for his remarkable contribution to this society.

Dr.K.Reddy introduced Sally Morales. Assembly woman from California, Mrs.Morales made special remarks about Ramesh Gandhis contribution to build Indian American relations. She said it is very appropriate that Indian American Friendship council honored Ramesh Gandhis Indian American contribution. She also recognized Ramesh Gandhis help in political and social issues. She also made a special remark for his help, love and friendship between two countries.

Mr.Mohinder Singh, the keynote speaker, recognized Indian American Friendship Council for the frie3ndly and cordial respect to Ramesh Gandhi, whose memory still remains. He respected Ramesh for his respect to all religions. Mr.Singh highly appreciated Indian American Friendship Council for its outstanding contributions to build Indian American relations.

Many community leaders and elected officials paid respect to Ramesh Gandhi for his outstanding services to the society. Earlier Ms.Grace Woo, former Mayor of Cerritos, Dr.Tim Kellaman, Mayor of Ariesra, Babu Ghandhi, Mr.Mahadevan, Dr.Mano Rama Sharma, Dr.Viswas Reddy, Mike Mallappa, Mohan Dadlani, Dr.Mishra, Dr.Asha Knott, Dr.Mishal and various other leaders paid respects to Ramesh.

Dr.Krishna Reddy, President of Indian American Friendship Council praised Indian Americans for their economic power as 4th largest economic Indian American group in U.S.A. He urged Indian Americans to reach out and help to build Indian American relations. He quickly recognized 1.4 million Indian Americans for all their support to defeat Dan Burtons resolution. He also thanked Congress members for supporting Indian issues.

Congressman Ed Royce made some observations. He talked about great victory after defeating Burton’s Amendment. He also recognized 50th year of India’s Independence. He praised India’s tenfold increase in exports from U.S. the world’s largest trading partner with India. Congressman also condemned any U.S. support to China’s Communist regime. He also said he would rather build closer relations with India and made special commitment to build greater relations between India and U.S.A.


President, Indian American Friendship Council


Indian American Friendship Council calls on Congressman Brad Sherman to support India’s membership in U.N. Security council

August 19, 1997

Indian American Friendship Council seeks support of Council seeks support of Congressman Brad Sherman to build Indian American relations. During Indian American Friendship Council President urged Congressman Brad Sherman about Council’s views on Indian American relations. He also stressed greater ties between Indian and U.S. in trade bilateral relations. He advised Congressman to support India’s stand to become member of U.N. security council.

He specifically pointed out terrorist activities that are haunting India, U.S. and other Countries. President also criticized the Hank Brown Amendment as it may disturb peace in Asian sub-continent. He also agreed export of arms will increase American economy, but he sharply criticized such move may severely set back if it is not handled carefully.

Dinner meeting with Congressman Brad Sherman was very cordial and friendly. Fundraising event was very successful due to attendance by various community leaders. During his benevolent speech Congressman appreciated Indian American Friendship Council for making a historic event at Washington D.C. to celebrate 50th Anniversary of India’s Independence, he thanked members of Indian American Friendship Council for giving an opportunity to communicate with Indian American friends.

Congressman has very high regards for Indian democracy and urged fortune 500 companies to establish better trade due to its high growth rate. He thanked Indian American Community for being highly educated, sophisticated and well placed in American community. Congressman also represents banking and foreign relations committees and urged to support India for being world’s largest democracy after cold war era. Congressman also criticized china for it’s human rights record and questioned China’s preferred trading status. He also criticized China for supplying nuclear materials to Pakistan. Regarding Terrorism which has no place in this society. When asked about Burton Amendment, congressman criticized such Amendment and he urged to defeat such Amendment.

Indian American Friendship Council concluded this Dinner event and urged Indian American community members to support Congressman Brad Sherman who is also member of India Caucus and friend of Indian American Community.

IAFC, President


April 19th 1998.
Rajdoot Restaurant, Artesia, CA


Several community activists attended meeting Congressman Gary Ackerman and conveyed their thanks for his outstanding support to Indian Americans.

Earlier Dr.K.Reddy, President IAFC expressed his deep concern over the recent Law, which bans social events contributions by legal Aliens. He also felt sorry for the Aliens for the Legal right to participate in the political Arena. He did’t fail to thank Gary Ackerman for his outstanding support to Indian.

Congressman while speaking thanked IAFC for its outstanding and prestigious efforts to build Indian American relations. He also specified Congress and Senate will recognize their contributions for making significant role in U.S. He also appreciated spiritual and gifted Mrs.Veena Gandhi for gracing the occasion.

Congressman also talked about Immigration issues and he promise to co-operate ethnicity issues. He did’t fail to say all of us should remember where we came from and understand multi culture.

He was concerned about Missile and Nuclear weapons. He revealed the sale of Ring Magnets to Pakistan by China is well documents. He appreciated IAFC for bringing greater contacts with Indian community.

This event was well attended by many community activists like Dr.Mishal Devdutt, Jaya and Dilip Sontanky, Veena Gandhi, Joh Ratnam and Dr.Daluvoy, Dr.Mishal thanked all the members for attending the event.



Indian American Friendship council and Indian Abroad Center for Political Awareness raise Indian American Voice

November 23, 1997 Artesia, CA

Large number of 2nd generation Indian Americans gathered at Rajdoot Banquet Hall to raise Indian American voice. This was a historic event for the young generation of Indian Americans.

Indian American friendship Council president, Dr.K.Reddy spoke to the young Indian Americans, in his speech he thanked Mr.Gopal Raju for being a leader in building great Indian American relations. He fully appreciated Mr.Gopal Raju for establishing a very powerful “India Abroad Center for Political Awareness”. Today he said the institute has emerged to be the only leading institute for political education.

Dr.K.Reddy also spoke to all the Indian Americans to concentrate their efforts to build greater Indian American relations and build a strong bridge between two world’s largest democracies. Dr.K.Reddy was very thankful to India Abroad Center for Political Awareness for Being a leader in education a very strong and powerful intellectual group of Indian Americans to raise their voice in the capital. He was very appreciative of interns who got trained with sole efforts of their institute, today these interns have emerged to be the future leaders who will represent Indian American voice.

Dr.K.Reddy also recalled interns meeting with Congressman Richard Ghephardt who was the chief guest, Dr.K.Reddy was astonished how sophisticated and elegant these interns turned out to be great leaders. Their knowledge, their efforts and their determination will be guiding light for the future 2nd Generation of Indian Americans. He also appreciated efforts of Dr.Ralph Noremberger in Washington DC.

Mr.Debasish Mishra, the leading man behind India Abroad Center for Political Awareness was introduced by Dr.K.reddy and he appreciated his capability to lead the young generation.

Mr.Mishra in his speech conveyed good wishes from Mr.Gopal Raju, publisher of India Abroad, he also did not fail to mention Mr.Gopal Raju’s vision to foster youth groups and lead Indian American generation with a unique approach. Mr.Mishra in his speech did not appreciate recent N.B.B sitcom episode concerning sentimental feelings of immigrants. He quickly appreciated about Indian immigrants who pay more taxes than receiving welfare benefits.

Mr.Mishra was very pleased with the different congressman who value Indian American interns with greater accomplishments. He also pointed about various articles written by interns concerning local and international issues. He also urged all parents to send their children for international studies to make them better leaders of tomorrow.

Mr.Ashick Poppet the youth leader of Indian American Friendship Council spoke very elegantly and took a strong position to involve second generation Indian Americans and raise Indian Americans voice. He also urged all parents to sponsor their children origin.

Mr Abhisek Dube a 13 years old boy urged young Indian Americans to be good leaders of tomorrow. Mr.Nishik Bhat, UCLA English Teacher urged Indian Americans to influence strongly in Political Arena. The event was attended by prominent community leaders like Ajoy Dube Sudip Gorakshakar, and Koudals Rao. This event was very successful.



President IAFC


President of India recognizes Dr.K.Reddy for his outstanding Diplomacy.

Congressman Frank Pallone congratulates Dr.K.Reddy’s prestigious National Award.

February 7, 1998. New Delhi, Vigyan Bhavan.

Government of India organized a spectacular event in honor of outstanding citizens for their valuable services to the community. President of India Mr.K.R.Narayanan presented various awards amidst packed crowds in prestigious Vigyan Bhavan, New Delhi. This event was meticulously organized by sophisticated members of jury and convener of National awards.

In his speech the president congratulated all the awardees individually and thanked them for their valuable services to the community. The president also congratulated Dr.K.Reddy (president Indian American Friendship Council) for his outstanding skills to build Indian American relations. Dr.K.Reddy was awarded specially for his Diplomatic Skills.

In a letter to president of India, Congressman Frank Pallone, Co-chair India Caucus, congratulated the president and government of India for taking exceptional stand to recognize Dr.K.Reddy as a role model for Indian American Community. He also advised president of India about tireless and unselfish efforts of Dr.K.Reddy for strengthening Indian American relations by providing proper guidance and insight.

Many prominent citizens received prestigious national awards. Dr.K.Reddy received letters of congratulations from various elected leaders and community activists.

The prestigious awards committee was chaired by former Chief Justice of India, Justice Bhagavathi along with distinguished members of Jury, including members of Parliament, Federal and State Ministers.


India American Friendship Council.


Congressman Ed Royce and Congressman Doug Bereuter urge closer with India.

Cerritos, CA January 20, 1998.

Recent Community meeting with local community leaders and elected representatives was held at Sheraton Hotel Many leaders were co-hosts and co-chairs. Congressman Ed Royce favored closer ties with India and urged to build greater relations between India and United States. He also favored trade between world’s largest democracies.

Congressman Doug Bereuter from Nebraska, was very highly appreciative of India and Indian community, he also spoke very high of Indian American relations. His thoughtful speech was very impressive for the Indian American members. He appreciated the contribution by Indian Americans towards building greater economy between Indian and U.S.

As a chairman of house International relations Committee Mr.Dough Bereuter did not fail to deepen ties between India and U.S. Over 500 various community members gathered to honor him at Sheraton Cerritos Hotel. Earlier Dr.Krishna Reddy, President Indian American Friendship Council, presented a beautiful portrait to Congressman Ed Royce and appreciated his services to the community.


Indian American Friendship Council represents the interest of 1.4 million Indian Americans in United States. It is our desire to establish good relations between world’s largest democracies India and United States. We have been very successful in achieving this goal across the Country.

Primarily we targeted to increase members of India Caucus to 130 members in U.S. Congress steadfastly we are progressing very well. Mr. Sachidananda Swamy, members of parliament was present during our national conference he has been able to examine the very value of our Council which has emerged very powerfully within members of all states.

It has been our agenda to educate respected Congressional and Senate members in regards to issues concerning Indian American relations. As expected the response is very tremendous and encouraging. Honorable members of Congress like Mr.Frank Pallone (Chair, India Caucus), Congressman Ed Royce and Congressman Gary Ackerman have joined our Council to be in Panel of Washington Advisors. This is certainly a positive step in our relations. We seek to further deepen ties that will advance the security and prosperity of our nations. India has become a role model for other nations in building civil societies, to institutionalize democratic values of free expression in a multi-linguistic, multi-ethnic and multi-cultural societies.

Finally Indian American Friendship Council shares the responsibility for promoting peace and regional stability in the Indian subcontinent. I will be looking forward to hear your views and sincere advise.


Mareno Valley; Indian American Friendship Council recently organized a meeting with honorable Congressman George Brown. This event was hosted by Dr.UdayShah, a popular Dentist in Mareno Valley. Many community members and friends attended the meeting. The atmosphere was very pleasant with a combination of Indian and American Friends.

Earlier in his speech Mr.George Brown recalled his childhood memory with Indian family in Imperial county. With a high regard to Indian Independence and hard working Indian community, he praised Indian Intellectuals and sophisticated community.

Earlier Council president Dr.K.Reddy raised concerns about terrorism in Indian. He also thanked Mr.Brown for all his support to the Indian American Community. Mr.Brown also thanked Indian Community. He also indicated any help if he could extend in the field of Science and Agriculture, which is being chaired by Mr.Brown himself.

This event was attended by many prominent Members including Dr.Parimal Kansagra, Dr.Patel, Dr.Gandhi and many others.





Washington DC October 30 Bombay Palace

Indian Americans pledged their support to members of India Caucus, an event organized by Congressman Frank Pallone, chairman Indian Caucus. This event was well attend by many senior Congressional Members.

Earlier Congressman Marting Frost, chairman Democratic Congressional social events Committee spoke, he appreciated Indian community leaders for their valuable support to Democratic Congressional social events Committee. Dr.Madhu Mohan community activist advised Congressman Martin Frost if Indian Americans could play better role in the Democratic Congressional social events committee. As a member of Inda Caucus, Congressman appreciated Frank Pallone, chairman India Caucus for all his valuable support. When asked about Congressional support to Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez, he replied Dr.K.reddy, President of Indian American Friendship Council and urged Indian community to support her. He also said her election was perfectly legal with all due respect to Hispanic community.

Later Congressman Richard Ghephardt was introduced by Congressman Frank Pallone, congressman Ghephardt greatly appreciated Indian American support for a betterrelation between world’s largest Democracy’s India and U.S.A. He also appreciated Congressman Gene Green (TX) and Congressman Jim McDermott (WA) for their valuable leadership. Mr.ghephardt didn’t fail to introduce Congressman Brad Sherman and appreciated his focused decipline. Diwali spirit and greetings were shared by all Congressional members who had gathered there. Mr.Ghephardt pledged his willingness and commitment to support India. Regarding China, he quickly realized to prefer India rather than China due to human rights violations.

Congressman Frank Pallone, chairman India Caucus thanked community activists Dr.Madhu Mohan, Mr.Gopal Raju and Dr.K.Reddy for their valuable support. Congressman also expressed his willingness to go to India in January 1998. he also pledged to share India’s Democratic values.

Congressman Brad Sherman (CA) focused continued support to Inida, and he was very appreciative of India joining United Nations Security Council. Congressman Sherrod Brown (Ohio) appreciated better relations with India and urged to build stronger India Caucus. Congressman Gary Ackermans’s office was represented by Sam Newman, he conveyed Gary Ackermans kind greetings on the Eve of Diwali.

Earlier Dr.Ralph Nerenberger urged 110 members of Congress in India Caucus to strengthen their approach to support India. Towards the end Dr.K.Reddy, President, Indian American Friendship Council thanked all the Congressional members for their valuable support against Burton Amendment.